Endings & Beginnings

Dear Friends,


It is with mixed emotions that we tell you a major chapter has closed for Studio Gaia. Starting on March 1st, our role in facilitating weekly yoga classes and monthly sound events was officially transferred over to the Fuller Dome


Gaia's online presence will continue to support and promote local sustainability, spiritual ecology, and social justice events and issues – starting with the Confluence Climate Collaborative (CCC)'s 40 Days of Kindness campaign, which you can join here! – and we hope to bring in our own events around these topics in the future.


Being on this journey with you has been the gift of a lifetime. With feelings of deep gratitude and grace we wish each of you the very best for the future.


Sending love to you all.


About Studio Gaia

Our mission at Gaia is to provide a supportive environment for mindful movement and holistic health practices in a space that is safe for everyone. We are honored to be part of a diverse community and we affirm people of all ages, races, gender identities, religions, sexual orientations, cultures, experiences, abilities, ethnic origins, nationalities, and socioeconomic circumstances.


Our teachers and facilitators strive to ensure a welcoming environment. Speech or actions that contribute to hate, identity-related biases and divisiveness, or the harassment or harm of our beloved community and guests will not be tolerated.