Jill Thompson

Certified Yoga Teacher, Wall Yoga Teacher

Jill has been a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (200-hour) since 2014.  At first, yoga practice was primarily a way for Jill to find some self-care, balance and perspective as a new mom.  And, after years of running long distance races including marathons, Jill credits her yoga practice for keeping her pain and injury free.  After nearly 20 years of practice, as Jill embarked upon Studio Gaia’s Yoga Teacher Training program and learned more about the philosophy that underpins the practice of yoga, her own yoga practice blossomed and grew. 


Jill loves to teach yoga because it impacts the whole self:  mind, body, and spirit.  It helps her students to calm their minds and to find peace in the moment.  It helps to both stretch and strengthen.  And, it also helps to strengthen the spirit through practicing with others and being part of the Studio Gaia community. 


Jill regularly teaches Yin/Yang classes as well as Yoga Wall Workshops at Studio Gaia.  These classes are designed so that they are balanced, nurturing both the Yang (active) and the Yin (passive) energies in our bodies.  Jill encourages her students to find peace in both movement and in stillness; through effort and then surrender.  Typically, her classes center around both Vinyasa Flow sequences and more passive Yin yoga poses.  She also has a deep appreciation for Yoga props and pose variations so that each student can find the right variation for their individual body.  Jill hopes to share with others the joy she finds in practicing yoga:  mind, body and spirit all working together, seeking balance.