40 Days of Kindness: Rekindling our Connection to the World

Updated: Feb 24

People the world over in diverse traditions of faith and spirit celebrate Spring with days of

reflection and intention to bring life into balance: Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists to

name a few, mark holy seasons and special days during early March through early May.

The Confluence Climate Collaborative's observance of this time has become a tradition our group loves to share with our community. In previous years, we have called it 40 Days of Loving What You Have and took the opportunity to focus on gratitude, thrift, and stepping away from the cycle of consumption. This year we have chosen to broaden the scope somewhat with kindness at the center. We invite you to join us on our gentle Lenten journey guiding us to freedom from consumerism, increased peace in daily life, and greater alignment with Earth’s goodness. By practicing 40 days of Kindness toward each other and our Earth, together we can Rekindle our Connection to the World.

Through this practice we will:

* create more space and time in our lives for what really matters;

* live mindfully and joyfully in the present, wonderful moment;

* act to counter climate change, which is deeply affected by our habits, and increasingly affects us all.

40 Days of kindness to each other and our Earth will provide a variety of simple but inspiring

suggestions for shifting our identity from consumer to lover of the whole Earth community. During the final week we will invite you to join the special challenge we are calling a Consumer Fast: 7 days of living with nothing but the absolute essentials – those things that meet our needs and bring true joy and nourishment. Please feel free to share your struggles and triumphs along the way.

This is an individual journey, but not one you will be embarking on alone. Start where you are, and let's see where we can go together. By the passing of this Spring’s Equinox (March 20) and Earth Day (April 22), we’ll be on our way to a more sustainable and creative future for all.

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