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Thank you for joining us for 40-Days of Kindness! We are well past the ½ way

mark and entering new territory.

At the beginning of our exploration, we invited you to “join us on our gentle

Lenten journey guiding us to freedom from consumerism, increased peace in daily

life, and greater alignment with Earth’s goodness.”

Part of our inspiration has been drawn from the book All We Can Save: Truth,

Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis. It is the kind of book you want to

spend time with, savor and contemplate, let the poems and essays settle over you.

For the next four days we bring you excerpts from the book by parsing each word

in the title: All. We. Can. Save. And there will also be bonus writings!

Then, on Saturday, April 9th we step into our 7-day Consumer Fast. An opportunity

to really examine choices and purchases and consider whether the things you are

discarding might have a new purpose before they head to the landfill! Each day

you will meet one member of the CCC and learn more about why we are

committed to this effort.

Finally, we invite you to join us for a joyful celebration of Earth’s goodness, and

our connection to each other and every other living thing, by joining us in person at

the Fuller Dome for Spring into Healing! Details here. No fee. All we ask is that

you bring something that you love from the natural world, to add to the center of

our circle, and a willingness to immerse yourself in community and communion

with Earth!

Today we look at ALL. (Excerpted from All We Can Save. Johnson & Wilkinson).

by Robert Lukeman, Unsplash

“All speaks to the whole—each and every, nothing left out. As you have read in

these pages, all is connected. That’s the truth both of the world’s wisdom traditions

and, increasingly, of scientific findings. No single thing, no species or ecosystem,

community or culture is safe when so much hangs in the balance. We unravel as

one or we regenerate as one.

…every species, every life—ALL of it matters.”

Interested in the book? Do you know you can order through Bookshop and support

Afterwords Bookstore in Edwardsville?

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