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Today we explore the word CAN in the title of our book All We Can Save. I want to begin this reflection with the closing lines of this inspiring collection of essays and poems by impressive women:

"If there is one theme that runs through the collection it is ferocious love – for one another, for Earth, for all beings, for justice, for a life-giving future."

Each author tapped into her passion and found the will she needed to do something for Earth, for beings, for justice, for the future. Love gave each one courage, creativity, the ability to use her voice and her skills to make a difference. And if there was something lacking, love inspired ingenious solutions.

What do you love most about our rare and precious planet Earth? How can you use your gifts to give flesh to that love?

Let’s trust that our love for all we have been given, for all that has been entrusted to our care, will give us the determination we need to live each day well as we act on behalf of our rare and precious planet.

Photo by Han-Hsing Tu on Unsplash

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