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A Reminder

Who knew What a wild liberation awaits In the simple act Of choosing Contentment?

I slow down and see myself As worthy And whole, And all my fellow beings Whole & worthy in themselves. Beautiful in their uniqueness, Loving all we share.

Fear & competition fall away. They are deceptions. False heroes in the Fairytale Of Discontentment Handed down By generations Of those forced To forget.

Who knew that in this Imperfect body, Within this troubled mind, Deep down to the core Of this battered soul,

I am enough.

I have the power To smile at a stranger, Which might be enough To brighten their day.

I have the power To give my attention To that which nourishes, Educates or encourages, And that is enough To change my perspective.

I have the power To choose Love, To believe in Goodness, To do what I can In my small way To bring love & goodness To others. To give myself thanks When I succeed, Grace when I struggle, And faith to keep trying.

And that is enough. Who knew?

We all did, once.

Perhaps we just need reminding.

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