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Balance: that elusive state we seem to only be aware of when we are out of it.

But are we ever, really, out of it?

Equilibrium is nature's constant goal, and she is very good at getting what she wants. When we feel "off balance" in one area, we are most certainly, whether we realize it or not, making up for it in another.

When we don't get enough sleep, our body will conserve our limited energy by reducing brain function, slowing our movements, and perhaps prompting us to eat more to try to make up the deficit. When we deny and suppress emotions such as sadness or pain, they will eventually, inevitably, emerge. Often as anger. Often at the worst possible time.

The greater the imbalance we try (consciously or not) to create, the further nature's pendulum must swing to correct it. Because she will correct it. And we may not like it when she does.

If we perpetuate the false narrative that we are somehow separate from each other and the natural world, we are in for a very rude awakening when the natural world quite literally comes to our doors (in the form of floods, extreme weather events, displaced species, etc.) and we must turn to each other for survival.

But we can shorten the trajectory of the pendulum and start to live in a more comfortable balance by embracing that connection now. Look for those areas of disharmony between ourselves and our neighbors – human or otherwise – and make those small adjustments that with time and practice become big changes whose benefits are felt by all.

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