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Benevolence is a beautiful synonym for kindness that brings to mind a Buddhist practice called Benevolent Glancing. It simply means looking at another attentively and compassionately, wishing him or her well. One place I practice this is on Zoom calls. As the meeting begins and faces appear, unbeknownst to them, I look at each one with kindness, wishing her or him well.

I don’t know if the other person is affected by my benevolence, but it certainly affects me. Instead of judgment or criticism or indifference, the good energy of kindness and connection takes root. This simple practice can be done anywhere, such as in a store, at family gatherings, and outdoors as I encounter other beings.

As with all practices, its effects accrue over time, and hopefully practitioners will become a kinder presence on our rare and precious planet. Enjoy your practice!

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