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The human brain is an incredible thing. We take for granted our capacity for comprehension and communication, but think about it for a moment. It's pretty amazing, right? Our minds are the most profound problem-solving tools we have at our disposal. But our ability to solve problems is matched (perhaps exceeded) by our ability to create them.

Think about all the thinking your brain does in a day. How many of those thoughts are negative? Selfish? Judgmental? Speculative, exaggerated, or blatantly untrue, but we still let them circulate because we don't fully recognize them for what they are. We don't realize how much damage they're doing until we suddenly realize we're miserable and we don't know how we got here.

It's such an easy cycle to fall into, but don't despair. The problem is also the solution. That beautiful human consciousness is a gift we should be grateful for every day. We have the ability to think *about* our thoughts. We can train ourselves to notice the negative patterns and start to shift them.

So send some love to your brain today, for all the big and small things it does for you, constantly. If you find yourself struggling, because sometimes this relationship with our own consciousness can really be a struggle, know that this is okay, too. Acknowledge where you are, and remember your ABCs:

*Awareness* Cultivate awareness of your thoughts: what they are, how they affect you and those around you, and how you might like them to shift.

*Breath* Your breath is your safe haven. Breathe, and let that breath be your focus; know that right now, in this moment, all you have to do is breathe.

*Compassion* Feel compassion for yourself and where you are in your journey. Every tiny step forward is worthy of celebration, every stumble backwards is a reminder of why you started; wrap them both in compassion and thank yourself for being who you are.

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