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From Master of You by Cate Stillman: "The early etymological root of the word consumer is "squanderer". In the economy, the consumer pays to use a product or experience a service. In ecology, a consumer is a being that eats another being. Seeing a consumer as a squanderer can be deeply disturbing and, in a word, explain planetary exploitation."

However, we can choose to be conscious collaborators instead! That allows us to "activate the values of respect, cooperation, and teamwork."

"When we shift from consumer to collaborator, we activate our interconnectedness, or the web of life." Now we feel part of something larger. We can experience a sense of renewal and of being supported. We can celebrate being part of "a larger whole and an activator within the web". In this way we can truly connect with what we value and become co-creators instead of unconscious squanderers.

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