Consumer Fast

Can you buy nothing for 7 days? As we're nearing the end of our Lenten observance, we invite you to participate in what we are calling a Consumer Fast. Pause your purchases for the next week and notice how this affects your daily thoughts and actions. What does a consumer fast look like? Here are a few guidelines to get you started: 1) Don't starve. A possibly obvious, but important point to make is that you can still buy essentials. There's no need to boycott the grocery store, but while you're there, be mindful. Pay attention to what ends up in your cart, and be especially wary of the shelves by the checkout – the Bermuda Triangle of impulse buying. 2) Put a pin in it. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your want vs. need scale. If you find yourself tempted by a potential purchase, make a note of it (literally, if that helps), explore why you want it, and if those reasons are still relevant at the end of the fast, go ahead and buy! If not? Let it go. You could even put the money you would have spent on any tempting items toward a family vacation or a dream project or just a rainy day fund. 3) Explore alternatives. We all know life happens. Things come up unexpectedly, and sometimes those things require items we don't currently have in our possession. But this doesn't necessarily mean we need to buy them. Emergency repair required? See if you can borrow the appropriate tools from a friend. School project? Look for repurposing possibilities. And sometimes the best last-minute gift simply setting aside quality time together. 4) Share your experience. We are honored to provide support and accountability for this challenge and we'd love to hear about your tips, tricks, triumphs, and troubles along the way. We'll be sharing our own personal Earth-loving journeys over the next several days, but input from you the community adds so much value for everyone. Once again we invite you to join us for the conclusion of our 40 days, our Earth Day celebration, Spring into Healing on April 24th. We’d love to see you there!

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