Economy? Isn’t that the antithesis of buying nothing? Doesn’t the economy only work if we support consumer spending and prop up the GDP?

Well, this is certainly true if we talk about the global economy—that unsustainable, ever-expanding, extractive system Annie Leonard refers to in the popular YouTube Greenpeace video The Story of Stuff. But what happens if we just consider the word economy on its own, in ways closer to what it might have originally meant?

If we drill down in definitions (no pun intended) we find that economy is defined as “careful management of available resources to avoid unnecessary expenditure or waste; thrift.” Well, don’t that beat all. So maybe this “unlimited” economy we are told must grow and grow in order to continue living a good life is just a made-up story, a myth that spins so long it becomes our reality and we become its servants? Especially if that myth creates unlimited wealth and power for a few, who achieve their standard of living at the expense of many.... many ecosystems, many communities, many countries, many...enough!

During the next few weeks, we might rethink economy. We might take back some of our power by redefining what is truly necessary from the stuff that isn’t. In the process we might empower others too. We might create a new story where wealth management means something entirely different. How does your story begin?

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