(A very happy International Women's Day to ALL women, allies of women, and everyone feeling their divine feminine energy! This one's for you.)

Of all the uncertainties of youth I knew one thing for sure. I was not enough. The messages were everywhere! As a woman I wasn’t thin enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t smart enough. Turns out to be quite a good strategy if you are looking to sell something.

You see, my lack of enough-ness caused me to seek more. I purchased exercise programs, diet drinks (I wanted to get “Slim FAST!”), and the perfect black yoga pants. I purchased creams, shampoos, lotions, foundation, blush, mascara. And then “new and improved” creams, shampoos, lotions, foundation, blush, mascara.

The only thing I could figure to do about not being smart enough was to get educated. So, I worked two or more part-time jobs to make my way through college. Only to be told that my GPA wasn’t high enough for the first job I applied for. In the meantime, I continued to strive and succeed and create enduring friendships with amazing people and though the messages were still there that I was not enough, I kinda felt like I was. Hmmm.

One day I came across the brilliant message from Marianne Williamson that told me it wasn’t my inadequacies that I feared, it was that I was powerful beyond measure. YES! That’s it! But it’s not so much that I fear my power, it’s that others do.

What happens if I accept that I am complete? If I fall in love with my body, just as she is, celebrate my beauty, especially the imperfections that make me unique, and do good work with a heart filled with love and compassion…that is enough! I stop buying all of the stuff that depletes my energy, clogs up my closet and cabinets, and keeps me playing small.

If you haven’t read Marianne’s message lately, consider making a ritual of it.

(Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson)

Find a quiet place, perhaps with some soft music and candles. You might include pleasant scents—essential oils, incense, or maybe fresh flowers. Read the message out loud and savor every word. Sit quietly afterwards and let it really sink in. Perhaps end your session with prayer hands at your heart-space. And say kindly and lovingly to your beautiful self—“I AM enough”.

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