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Enter Lent with the Confluence Climate Collaborative.... On a Current of Hope.

Updated: Feb 28

Hope? Is there really room for hope on a dying planet, beached in dry riverbeds, dripping down melting sheets of ice, trapped within forest infernos, buried in earthquake rubble, disintegrated in decades of drought, drowned in record floods, massive mudslides, horrific hurricanes, terrible twisters?


At least world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall believes so, even after nearly 90 years of living alongside the Earth’s obvious steady decline. And she’s quick to tell you it’s not denial or faith or rose-colored glasses that fuels her hope. "...real hope,” says Goodall, “requires action and engagement. ...The cumulative effect of thousands of ethical actions can help to save and improve our world for future generations."

So, here we are at another season of looking inward, living spare, loving what we have, healing our broken selves from years (and generations) of trauma. Ready to engage? Ready to act? Ready to hope a better world forward?

We begin the water's edge....and her name is River.

Next week, after you have had time to dip your toes into your own hopes and fears, we’ll move on. Please take a moment to check in with us each week from now until Easter; we promise to give you hope without sugar coating. And we enthusiastically encourage you to contribute comments after the posts—share your thoughts, your poetry, your song, your voice. We hope to hear from you!

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