On a granular level sufficiency is defined as having enough to obtain purpose. I can’t help to think our world is crying out for sufficiency; war torn and wounded, haven’t we had enough!

Sufficiency is that coveted state of being, to have enough, to be satisfied, to be adequately supplied. In our modern society this is indeed a delicate balance to strike. No more keeping up with the Joneses! We need our focus shifted to simplicity, choosing deliberately, and loving what you have, ending the winless race of consumerism while saving our planet along the way.

Rejecting STUFF means less extraction of our earth’s precious resources, more purity for our air and water. While some struggle to satisfy needs others want and consume too much. For the fortunate sufficiency is not a question to be pondered but a higher station to achieve, for many it is, at most, aspirational.

Have you felt the struggle, the temptation, the gluttonous need to have? I get that every time I am within a 5 mile radius of TJ Maxx, Aldi or Trader Joes. The struggle is real; the need vs. want internal battle. As a person with great privilege and many choices practicing sufficiency often presents a moral challenge, one that pits the baser and better self against the other. Hypocrisy seeps in as the battle between wants and needs ensues, and sufficiency is debated in levels and degrees. And there I am, ridiculously justifying a purchase or acquisition that I have no need for and will ultimately complicate my life…but the desire for that item is real and rich. Can you relate?

True sufficiency would have all people sated; inequity retired, an egalitarian state. In sufficiency we see our brothers and sisters as equals, each and everyone’s existence justified. History could be relieved of wars, colonialism, Jim Crow, and the likes’ – every man, woman and child free.

Choosing to live a sufficient lifestyle requires traveling on a pathway with many meandering trails. Practicing sufficiency demands our focus and intentionality and resisting the temptation to stray. It’s an imperfect journey with a destination Seven Generations away, it seems right and just that we should all be walking this path together, lovingly.

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