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The Story of Enough

In years past, the Confluence Climate Collaborative has invited our community to join us in observing the Lenten season as 40 Days of Loving What You Have. It was an opportunity for reflection, gratitude, & a re-evaluation of wants vs. needs, specifically in regard to our material possessions and their impact (from manufacturing, packaging, purchase, use, through to disposal) on our shared planet.

We always kicked things off with the video “The Story of Stuff,” which – while now a little dated – still brilliantly illustrates the problems with our linear system, growth economy mindset.

In the context of Loving What You Have, I might present the idea of “The Story of Enough” as a tool to aid in a mindset shift for those of us trying to heal from overconsumption. Most of us do in fact have enough stuff, so why buy more? But with this year’s theme, Current of Hope, I think we can take things deeper.

After all, what makes it so difficult to break the cycle of overconsumption? The constant messaging from advertisers and influencers that WE are not enough. Not young enough, not thin enough, not stylish enough, not healthy enough, not adventurous enough…

If we simply decided that we are enough, they would lose all their power.

And what if we extend that same grace to the world? Say we’ve had enough of judgment and division and accept that we are all just doing our best to survive in a system designed to favor competition over cooperation. What if we decide we’ve had enough of that system and make space for healing? What if we celebrate the beauty of nature’s wisdom to grow when the time is right, to rest when needed, and to value each individual and community’s contributions as part of a living, thriving world?

What if we recognize that humanity has its own unique, perfect place within nature’s system, that our incredible ingenuity, curiosity, and passion can be used for the benefit of all? What if we finally step into the responsibility and opportunity of our role within the Family of the Earth? What if we remember who we are and discover that it is enough?

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