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Renée Davidson

 LCSW, RYT, Reiki Master Practitioner

To be loving and compassionate in the world starts with doing the internal work of truly connecting with ourselves and our experiences, the joyful and the difficult. Yoga is the perfect embodied practice for that work. In my class I will do the movements with you, and I will encourage you to go at your own speed and to modify anything that doesn't work for you. As a result, we create trust, ease and space in our bodies, and then we are able to drop into our hearts, learning to live in an embodied, heart-centered way. It starts from within. 


The practice of yoga is transformational, and more powerfully so when we practice in community. It is my aim to lead classes in a person-oriented, sensitive way that nurtures connection and allows students to unfold from within and embody THEIR OWN practice, not what they see in books or see other students doing. I think of yoga as a path to re-learn how to simply be a human being. I welcome all to gather. Simply be, with us.


I am a yoga teacher and somatic psychotherapist, practicing in the Metro East area. My work focuses on healing the relationship between mind and body, head and heart. I have 12 years of counseling practice experience, 18 years of yoga study, practice and teaching combined plus a lifetime of experience that has shaped my life and journey. I may be contacted at for information on classes, groups or individual sessions.  

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