Monday morning, you sure look fine – and

Sally Burgess

Black Belt Nia Instructor, Certified Yoga Teacher

Sally is the owner of the Studio Gaia (formerly Edwardsville Fitness Studio) and has gathered an amazing team of mind, body, spirit professionals who provide a wide variety of classes for the community. She holds a BS, MBA, is a Black Belt Nia Instructor who is also Green Belt certified, is a certified yoga teacher and has ample training as a personal trainer.


Sally, along with Jeanne Carter, is responsible for introducing Nia to the Edwardsville area and is one of a growing number of teachers of this sensory based class which will change your body and change your life.

Sally loves getting to know the preferences and goals of students and clients! She then goes to work to find ways of creating joy and ease in their sessions and/or classes. Bottom line? She encourages you to fall in love with your body as it is and reconnect to the joy of movement. In movement we find health!

Knowing that excellent nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, Sally has also received training in the science of raw food nutrition from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg California. She is available to speak to groups about raw food and offers presentations and sampling sessions through Studio Gaia.

Away from the studio, Sally and her husband George Johannes raise dairy goats, ducks and chickens, have five very happy dogs and a cat, enjoy organic gardening and spending time with friends and family. They also love to cook (or not-cook when they are eating raw) and revel in having meals out at the many excellent restaurants in the Edwardsville area.