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9:30 am Beginning Yoga for Seniors with Julie
9:30 am Wall Yoga with Jill (Starts next week; two spots open!)
11:40 am Meditation with Tara
6:00 pm Vinyasa Flow with Jeremy
7:30 pm Yoga for Beginners with Jeremy


Studio Gaia Supports

Studio Gaia is proud to support several local charitable organizations. You can get involved, too! Learn More»

90th Day

An annual celebration of the legacy of Buckminster Fuller in the "miniature Earth" geodesic dome he designed with Shoji Sadao to straddle the Earth's 90th Meridian on the campus of SIUE in Edwardsville Illinois. Learn More»

Meet Jeremy Henkhaus

Jeremy's classes offer a space to explore mind, body, soul while feeling safe. Learn More»
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